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We pride ourselves in being creative, influential and effective in our approach to communications.  But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“Pryor Roberts has ensured consistent and high quality coverage for Futura since 2006. They take a proactive, intelligent approach to communications and I greatly value their contribution to our marketing efforts.”

Marco Dell’Osso, Corporate Director, Futura

Our Swedish client Södra commissioned an independent survey conducted by Opticom. We are proud that since we were appointed to manage Södra’s PR in February 2007 in partnership with Amanda Marcus, we have helped significantly to raise their profile:

“It is apparent that Södra’s marketing communication pays off since such a large share of respondents see Södra as market leader in this respect.  Many also answer that they think Södra has improved during the last two years when it comes to marketing communication and image.  Many can however not clarify exactly what it is that has improved – the answer is only based on an impression they have.  This indicates that the marketing done by Södra and the attention they are getting through the media and through other channels (eg PulpServices) has had a positive impact.”

Opticom International Research AB

“Pryor Roberts have been the perfect PR partner over the last eight years. Companies such as Hettich needed higher visibility to our key target audience, which was achieved with minimal input from us. Advice, press releases and advertorial support in a potential media minefield showed Pryor Roberts’ worth, utilising their wealth of experience in the KBB sector.”

Colin Patterson, Marketing Manager, Hettich UK

“I have been working with Jonathan Roberts since 2004 and I have been more than satisfied with his services. His editing work is best characterized not only as accurate but also as creative, reliable and always on time, if necessary even at the shortest notice possible. I also very much appreciate the personal assistance that he provides and his willingness and ability to really help. I cannot thank him enough and I will be pleased to continue working with him for the years to come.”

Waltraud Sonnenberg, Communications, Bellmer

“We are working with Jonathan on several global conferences.  He always delivers high-quality content and gives proactive food for thought.  Jonathan is reliable, and on top of this very easy to work with.  I highly recommend him for any kind of PR communications campaign.”

Inga Augustynowksa, Senior Conference Producer, UBM Singapore

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